NPR Story Confirms the Need for Poo Transport Pacs

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“Pack out your trash” now as National parks go BYOB – bring your own bag.

As I was driving home one night from my day job, decorating the sets of yet another TV show, I was listening, as I often do, to the local public radio station. And, sure enough, right there was a story that made me know that I was most definitely onto something, and that our new product, the PTP (Poo Transport Pac), was right on track. And I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

With the recent slew of budget cuts, the National Park system had to cut back, and many parks have removed most or all their trash cans. While on the surface, this is a really good thing that they were asking people to “pack out their trash”, which is a core backcountry principle, it turns out that it ended up creating another unexpected result.

Whereas most people seemed to be happy to comply, and take all their trash out with them, there was one group that wasn’t with the program. Pet people.

What we just haven’t seemed to be able to conquer yet is how to get people to take their pet waste with them when they leave the park,” said a park official.

Instead of taking their bags of pet waste with them, they left little tied up bags along the trail. While, yes, it is better than just leaving the pet waste there for all to encounter, it still was leaving litter in the park.

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So-back to the PTP. The Poo Transport Pac was designed to prevent just such a dilemma. The reason that I believe most people don’t “Doo the right thing”, and pick up pet waste, stems from the real distaste for having to carry the slippery, warm bag of poo in their hand for a good deal of the walk. It IS a drag. No wonder people are avoiding it when they are out for adventure in a beautiful National Park.

With the Poo Transport Pac, you pull out one of the bags, pick up the problem material and tie the bag closed. Then deploy the rear pocket of the PTP, open, and place the sealed bag inside, and you’re done dealing with it until you reach a trashcan. It can hang on the leash handle, or off one of the D rings on the belt, or a belt loop. You really can just forget it’s even there. Why ruin a beautiful outing worrying about toting around dog poo, or worse yet, ruin someone else’s outing by leaving it for them to step in.

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Wouldn’t it be great if every dog person who came to the park had a PTP?

It would be a nicer way for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, and be the responsible pet parents we really do wish to be.

Hey, maybe I’d better contact the Park Service and see if they’ll carry them in their gift shops or something. What do you think? Anybody know somebody over there? Why didn’t I think of that? You’re right, I did. So, fine, off to do something about that right now then! (I’ll let you know how that goes.)

Wag on!


Check out the story I’m talking about here.,d.dmo

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