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Where did you get this idea?

We've been in the Motion Picture industry for nearly 30 years. All of the technicians on the film sets wear belts that hold all the things they work with and keep their hands free to do what needs doing. From the grips and electricians, to the hair and makeup people, everyone personalizes their belt of tools. We simply applied this technology to our dog walking and here we are! It just made so much sense to us, we thought you might think so, too.


I don't have a dog (yet)? Can I use this equipment anyway?

Absolutely! Many of these items are really for you! The belt goes without saying, you can use it for anything, including just holding your pants up! The Personals Pac is just for you and your stuff, too. So is the Water Bottle Holder, and of course, the Water Bottle. The Wipes Pac is incredibly handy for cleaning up your hands in any situation - eating on the go, antique hunting, rock climbing, you name it. The Sit Upon is for you (unless you share). The Illuminator Flashlight is also for you anytime you need to shine a light - a dark restaurant menu, dimly lit walkway, anywhere that needs a little more light. The Carry All Tote, also for you. Hey, almost everything here is for you!


I am only walking my dog down the street and back. Do I really need all of this?

That's the beauty of it all, it's totally modular! You can bring along as much or as little as you need, depending on the length and scope of your walk. If you're only going for a quick walk, just bring the Poo Transport Pac, and if it's at night, the Illuminator Flashlight. If your walk turns into more of an adventure, bring more of what you'll need!

Is your website sage and secure? I am nervous about using my credit card online.

Rest assured that your credit card information is safe and secure on our website. Our site uses 256-bit technology, the same as financial institutions, to protect and encrypt your data so that it can never be read or accessed by anyone - not even us!

I believe you, but I still don't want to pay online. Can I place an order over the phone?

You sure can! Just give us a call at 1-877-WAGLETS and one of our friendly customer service agents will be more than happy to take your order.


How are the shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are calculated based on your shipping address and the total weight of your order. The shipping charges are provided directly by the shipping carriers themselves (USPS, UPS, FedEx) and we do not charge any handling or processing fees.

You can choose your preferred shipping method and shipping carrier during checkout.


How can I become a wholesaler or distributor of your products?

Becoming a wholesaler/distributor of our product lines is easy! Click here to apply to become a wholesale/distributor.





I don't wear pants with belt loops when I walk my dog? How do I use the belt?

Simply strap it over any outfit! Our System Belt does not require loops to stay in place or work properly.



Will the belt fit into the belt loops of my pants?

Absolutely! The belt is 1.5" wide, the standard size for belt loops, so it will easily fit in the loops of almost all pants and jeans!

In the winter, I wear a lot more layers? What about the belt?

One of the brilliant things about the System Belt is that it's infinitely adjustable! Simply buy a size that's a bit larger and, in the winter, simply adjust it for bulkier clothing.

I already wear a cell phone case and (sometimes a camera case) on my belt. Will there be room?

Yes, indeed! The D-Rings on the belt are spaced out every 4" so there is plenty of room in between each D-Ring for anything else that you already carry with you (or creatively feel like adding just because you can!)



Is the Poo Transport Pac Washable?

Of course! We recommend hand washing it with mild soap and letting it air dry. But honestly, we've been using the same one for four years now and, as long as the poo stays on the inside of the bag you place inside, you probably won't ever need to wash it!

What about odors?

When you remember to empty the PTP as soon as you return from your walk, you can forget about odors! Be sure to remember though. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that you're even carrying around poo - and, the next time you go for a walk, there it is, but you wouldn't have known it. The sealed poo bag inside of the closed PTP emits no odor at all.

What kinds of bags can I use with the PTP?

You can use any kind of bags you choose! Rolled bags work really well because you can have them dispense out of the rear slit, one at a time. And, it can be any brand you prefer, even the ones that are a little too fat to fit inside of some of the rigid roll-bag dispensers. Heck, you can even use plastic grocery store bags! While they won't dispense one at a time through the slit, you can access them easily through the front of the opening, if you like.

We have three dogs. How many PTPs do we need?

You really only need one if you walk all three dogs at the same time because there is plenty of room for three dogs worth of waste! However, we like to keep one on every leash, in case different dogs go different places or do different things, so we're not ever having to search for pick-up bags and somewhere to put them when full.



What is the Wipes Pac for?

Sometimes the poo pickup can be a little messy, or you may even have to help your dog along a little bit. Some dogs love to slobber all over their toys, themselves, or you! Sometimes paws and hands get muddy. The needs for 'wet wipes' are endless! It's nice to know you have a way to clean up on the spot so you can continue your outing in comfort.

How can I dispose of the soiled wipes?

We just put them inside of the waste bag and then into the Poo Transport Pac (PTP) so you can dispose of everything all together. (If you're met with a disastrous mess, put the whole lot of it in a second bag, then into the PTP. It'll take it, trust us.)

Where can I find wipe refills in this size?

We supply wipes refill packs that are just the right size to fit inside of the Wipes Pac so that you don't have to search for them. You can also find this size sometimes at your local chain drug stores.

How does the Wipes Pac attach to the belt?

You have two choices: the included carabiner can clip right onto one of the D-Rings or, if you prefer a closer fit, use the webbing strab with hook and loop closure to place it right over the belt in a horizontal position.



What size water bottle fits in the Water Bottle Holder?

We find the common size water bottle of approximately 17 oz. fits well, but it holds larger bottles as well. The diameter capacity is just over 3".

How does the Water Bottle Holder attach to the System Belt?

We made this item with a hook and loop fastening top to go over the belt at just about any place that feels good for you. Everybody has their favorite spot! Plus, this leaves more room on the D-Rings for other stuff.



Why do you offer a Water Bottle?

Well, it just seemed like the green thing to do. Our Water Bottle is made heavy duty aluminum, is sleek and modern, is suited for both men and women, and is washable and reusable. No more plastic water bottles!

How much does the Water Bottle hold?

It's a 17 oz. bottle, which fits petfectly in the Water Bottle Holder.



What makes the Water Bowl different from others?

Ours has an elastic band that enables the bowl to be carried in a nice, tight, compact size which, when opened, reveals a full size water bowl for sharing with your best friend. When done sharing, the bowl can be re-folded back into its compact size again for easy mobility and less bulk.

Can I serve my dog food in the Water Bowl as well?

Of course you can! When you're out adventuring, it's the only bowl you'll need!



What can the Personals Pac be used for?

You like to bring your stuff with you when you go adventuring too, don't you? This item is all about YOU! From cell phones to keys, make-up to iPods, and almost anything in between, the Personals Pac is built to stash your items away from your hands and pockets safely and with accessibility.

How much will the Personals Pac hold?

It measures 5.5" x 7" and can hold a remarkable amount! The front pocket also adds to the capacity by holding all of your 'flat' stuff - money, credit cards, business cards, etc.

How does the Personals Pac attach to the System Belt?

You have two choices: clip it onto the D-Rings with the two included small sized carabiners or, if you prefer a closer fit, use the webbing straps with hook and loop closure. It all depends on how you like to wear it!



What makes the Snac Pac special?

It attaches to our belt system with the same included carabiners as the rest of the products, which means it's also super easy to attach it to just about anything at all (belt loop, backpack, purse, leash, etc.). We think that's pretty darn cool and makes all the difference in the world. Plus, see our answer below.

How can I keep my dog from getting into the treats before I am ready to give them?

The Snac Pac has a handy drawstring to keep nosey noses out until you're ready!



What is the Toy Tote for?

The Toy Tote is a result of solving the need for carrying toys along to the dog park, the trails, the lake, or any other play area (Grandma's house, maybe?). Where else will you carry your dog's toys? Big pocket pants? Well, maybe. If you're into that style.

How much can the Toy Tote hold?

Even though when it's empty, the Toy Tote can fold into a tiny compact bundle, it's plenty large enough when open that it can easily hold frisbees and nearly ever other kind of balls and toys!

Why is it made of mesh?

Have you ever noticed how slobbery some dogs can get their favorite toys? Just because we love them doesn't mean we have to also love handling their slobber. With the Toy Tote, you can let those slobbery toys air dry - or even hose 'em off after a really big slobberfest of fun!



What is a Sit Upon?

This is another item that we designed for you, but it turns out that it may as well be your dog's favorite product. It offers you a clean, dry place to sit down and rest while out adventuring with your dog. It becomes his favorite because it gets you right where he wants you - down on the ground with him! It also seems to make an awesome travel dog bed, too, according to our awesome customers.

Does this hark back to the good 'ol days of the Girl Scouts?

Why, yes it does! As a matter of fact, all the kids at camp had to make their own, and they were incredibly handy when you were out adventuring and wanted to sit on the ground. Now you don't have to make your own, we've done it for you!



Why do I need the Carry-All Tote?

We find some people just like to 'keep it all together,' and the Carry All Tote definitely makes that possible. You can fill it full with anything you need to take with you; towels, an extra pair of shoes, spare change of clothes, laptop, books, food and drinks, whatever your heart desires!

What are the features of the tote?

We like it's large size and the mesh pockets on the outside so that you can bring your icy cold water bottle and the condensation doesn't get all over the bag's contents. We also love the zippered pocket in front and the adjustable shoulder straps.



What is the deal with the little flashlight?

We designed this light for a number of very good reasons. First, it's lightweight and compact so you can always have it handy. Second, it has a clip, so if you are a cap wearer, you can clip it to the brim of your cap and direct the light right where you need it. And, most important, it comes on a lanyard. This, we find the best part. When you lean down to pick up poo, the light swings down and shines right where you need it! No more flashlights in between the teeth (You know what we're talking about)!