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Your canine adventures just got a whole lot easier!

Setting out for the great outdoors or just a jaunt around the block? WagletWorks Adventure Dog Gear is your hassle-free, hands-free system for safe, convenient, fun outings for you and your dog! Our revolutionary belt-based system and accessories fulfill every need you and your dog could have while 'on the go'. You can bring as much or as little as you like, depending on the length and scope of your outing. And the best part? No more fumbling, juggling, toting or hauling! Each item can be securely clipped on or fastened to the belt for a totally care-free, hands-free dog walking adventure!


It's all about the journey. Be present in the journey and the destination will unfold...

We fashion solutions to handle some of the details, so that you can focus on what is important. Enjoy your path and your companions. We'll sweat the small stuff. Find beauty. Share love. Spread joy. Wag on.

  • WagletWorks products are completely hands-free; no more holding, toting, juggling or dropping!
  • Poo pickup is a true snap - our system keeps it out of your hands and out of sight!
  • Great for every pet care provider to keep their most needed items with them at all times!
  • Makes walking with multiple dogs safer, easier and more convenient!
  • Size doesn’t matter; from the smallest dogs to the largest dogs - WagletWorks is a perfect fit!
  • No more forgetting vital things in your car, office or at your client's house - your gear is always with you!
  • Professionals - you can demonstrate to your clients that you maintain a high level of quality, care, professionalism and preparedness!


"The WagletWorks hands-free system has been an incredible asset to me in several capacities. As a professional Dog Trainer for both the film industry and Purina’s Incredible Dog Challenge, my normal day consists of handling dogs as actors and/or performers. I constantly had to carry a bag that held my toys, treats and water from location to location. Now I just grab my System Belt with all the necessary attachments and I’m off to work. I have my water bottle, treats, toys, water bowl and potty bags all in tow… and most important my hands are free!  I had another great use for the sit-upon the other day at an outdoor restaurant. Since it was my puppy’s first restaurant visit, I used the sit-upon blanket as his designated place for his down/stay.  Before I knew it, I had a well behaved puppy. I am truly convinced that anyone that owns a dog would benefit from the system in one way or another. That’s what’s great about it… so many choices!!"
     -- Lourdes Edlin Action Pack, Inc.  |  Dog Trainer, Purina's Incredible Dog Challenge