Expedition Kit

$155.00 $100.00

A 14-piece deluxe hands-free adventure system for you and your dog! Here is the complete set of gear that is designed to create a solution for nearly every need you and your dog might have while adventuring. With this kit, you get the additional benefit of a clean, dry space to rest, a way to illuminate nighttime waste pick-ups, bring along an slew of toys, drink from an eco-friendly source and a way to carry it all with you. This heavy-duty kit comes packed with all Waglet Works accessories in the Carry-All Tote. Choose from a small, medium or large system belt.

The Expedition Kit includes:

(1) System Belt (small, medium or large), (1) Poo Transport Pac, (1) Multi-Mode Leash, (1) Personals Pac, (1) Catch-A-Collar, (1) Water Bottle Holster, (1) Water Bottle, (1) Folding Bowl, (1) Snac Pac, (1) Wipes Pac, (1) Toy Tote, (1) Illuminator Flashlight, (1) Sit Upon, and (1) Carry-All Tote.

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