Journey Kit


A 9-piece intermediate hands-free canine adventure system! This collection contains most of the things you'll need to enjoy quality time with your dog as you journey about together. You will have a way to carry water, share it with your dog, do treat training, manage pet waste pick-up, clean up on the go, keep your personal gear handy, maintain control of your dog's safety - and do it all hands-free! This medium-duty kit comes packed in a black drawstring backpack. Choose from a small, medium or large system belt.

The Journey Kit includes:

(1) System Belt (small, medium or large), (1) Poo Transport Pac, (1) Multi-Mode Leash, (1) Personals Pac, (1) Catch-A-Collar, (1) Water Bottle Holster, (1) Folding Bowl, (1) Snac Pac and (1) Wipes Pac.

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