10 Essential Apps for dog owners – IOS Edition

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By: Jason M. Grossman  –  (c) 2015 Waglet Works, LLC

Your iPhone and/or iPad can do so much more than just for making calls and post photos to Instagram! Dog owners now have a plethora or great apps to improve both their lives and the lives of their beloved pets. Here is our list of ten essential iPhone/iPad apps for dog owners (in no particular order):

10. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross ($0.99)

Take care of your furry family member. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to perform pet first aid techniques.

Available for iPad or iPhone here: https://appsto.re/us/DgdHU.i


First Aid For Dogs by Fuchs GmbH ($2.99)

Be prepared for any emergency when adventuring with your dog! This simple guide offers the steps you need to follow in the event or any injury or illness occurring to your dog.

Available for iPad or iPhone here ($2.99): https://appsto.re/us/561Yw.i

9. iKibble by Llamaface (free)

How many times have you wondered, “Can I feed this to my dog?” Quickly search through hundreds of foods to see if your dog can eat them too. Invest in your dog’s health today – you can even cook for two (or more) with the information provided! Easily browse foods by category or health rating

Available for iPad or iPhone here (free): https://appsto.re/us/aaj-u.i

8. Dog Park Finder Plus by Skejo Studios ($1.99)

Finally, the last dog park app you will ever need. The Dog Park Finder, powered by three years of DogParkUSA.com research, user photos and reviews, finally gives you all the information you need for you quick trips to the dog park, or for a whole trip across the county. Over 2,000 dog parks listed with details such as fenced, small dog areas, hours and days of operation, etc. Search by city search, current location or zip code. Display local dog parks and search results in both map and list form.

Available for iPad or iPhone here ($1.99): https://appsto.re/us/yVQmw.i

7. Dog Tricks and Bark Machine by Pocket Cocktails ($0.99)

This app has an extensive library of tips on teaching both basic behaviors and trick training and includes information about avoiding common behavior problems, such as barking, digging and jumping up to greet. The app covers dogs of all ages and includes a puppy-specific section. As an added bonus, the app includes games you can play with your dog and allows you to research the personality traits of popular dog breeds.

Available for iPad or iPhone here ($0.99): https://appsto.re/us/t28hs.i

6. PetSnap by Space Lama ($1.99)

Pets naturally do not like cameras. Getting their attention can be tough! The solution – the Pet Snap app. Select from 32 sounds and just before the pic is taken, the sound automatically plays – drawing your pet’s attention and getting the head tilt we all love.

Available for iPad or iPhone here ($1.99): https://appsto.re/us/Fuf_t.i

5. Dog Translator by Ronald Bell (free)

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you? Wonder no more with this handy dog-to-English translator. Simply press the button, record your dog’s bark, and let the translator do it’s magic! (Editor’s note: this is obviously a novelty app, but have fun with it!).

Available for iPad or iPhone here (free): https://appsto.re/us/tDW-u.i

4. Petoxins by ASPCA (free)

The home and garden can be a minefield of poisonous plants for our pets. Many common plants found in your home, backyard, or acreage can be toxic to your dog, cat or horse. In 2009, the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center handled more than 140,000 cases of pets exposed to toxic substances. Don’t leave it up to Fido or Fluffy to keep themselves safe. The information in the Petoxins application is compiled from the ASPCA’s expert team of toxicologists in an effort to keep your dog, cat, and horse safe and poison-free. Petoxins offers a searchable database of plants reported as having an adverse affect on the health of dogs, details for each toxic plant including alternate common names, an image of the plant, and a list of potential symptoms if ingested, information to help you if your pet has ingested a poisonous substance and one-touch dialing to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for iPhone users. Use Petoxins when shopping for new houseplants or additions to your garden as well as to identify plants already in your home or yard that may be toxic – prevention is key to avoiding accidental exposure.

Available for iPad or iPhone here (free): http://www.appato.com/treviso-media-group/petoxins/download/

3. Pet Acoustics by Pet Acoustics ($1.99)

Just as music can change the mood or feel of an environment for people, the same holds true for animals. Pet Acoustics features selections of music designed to soothe your dog and alleviate stress and separation anxiety. This app includes music for dogs, cats, and horses, and includes a timer feature for scheduled playback.

Available for iPad or iPhone here ($1.99): https://appsto.re/us/3Xk3t.i

2. Pet Phone by Bedaronco ($2.99)

The Pet Phone app lets you track your dog’s health with ease. You can keep track of vet appointments, medications, allergies and food preferences for each of your pets, and the app can be synced with your calendar to get reminders.

Available for iPad or iPhone here ($2.99): https://appsto.re/us/mIfYr.i

1. MapMyDogwalk by Map My Fitness (free)

With MapMyDogwalk, you and your dog can get fit at the same time. You can log your walks, track your calories and map your favorite routes using GPS. The app also has sharing and geotagging features for photos and data.

Available for iPad for iPhone here (free): https://appsto.re/us/6XUxD.i

About the Author: Jason M. Grossman is an amateur app reviewer, inventor, blogger and entrepreneur. In addition to collecting vintage signs, guitars and tiki drink recipes, Mr. Grossman is the owner of K9 Field Kits and the Co-Owner of Fuji and Friends Apparel Co. He currently resides in Miami with his pack of ridiculously over-sized dogs and one tiny little cat.

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