10 Essential Apps for dog owners – IOS Edition

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By: Jason M. Grossman  –  (c) 2015 Waglet Works, LLC Your iPhone and/or iPad can do so much more than just for making calls and post photos to Instagram! Dog owners now have a plethora or great apps to improve both their lives and the lives of their beloved pets. Here is our list of […]

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How to Treat a Dog with Fish Hook Injuries

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    Since the dawn of mankind, fishing has alway been a great bonding activity and a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your canine companion. However, a miscast line, carelessness on your part, or the too-tempting lure (pun intended) of something shiny can be too much temptation for a curious pooch, resulting in a fish hook injury. The most common of these injuries is a dog being hooked in the mouth, lips or body. Below are the steps to follow if this occurs. Important note: If the hook enters the eye or surrounding tissue, DO NOT attempt...

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